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I am makpid and the rav is not


  1. If one is invited to partake of shalosh seudos by a certain rabbi, but one knows that the rabbi is not makpid on starting before shkia, whereas I am very makpid, what should I do? Should I simply decline the invitation and offer some excuse, as I do not wish to rely on b’dieveds?
  2. If one is eating shalosh seudos in a shul where the rav is not makpid on shkia, may one wash and make hamotzi before the rav (everyone is provided their own challos, and other people do not necessarily wait for the rav)?


  1. You can wash beforehand and eat a kzayis at home, and have in mind that you will continue with the shul, and then continue with the shul later.
  2. I don’t see why you have to specifically wait for the Rov, especially if it isn’t the custom to wait for him for this.

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