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Left shoe before right shoe


What should one do if one accidentally places his left shoe on first before his right shoe? Should he remove the left shoe, then place his right shoe on, then put on back his left shoe? Or do we say that once the left shoe was already put on, he can leave it on and then proceed to put on his right shoe?


Regarding putting on one’s shoes that the right one is out on first and then the left, then the left is tied and then the right. See Shabbos 61a and Rashi D:H Asisoy makeh, which would sound like regarding shoes he should take the left one off, however this isn’t really brought in the poskim. Oz Nidberu 11-24 (6), however does say to take the left one off in order to put on the right one first. It seems though that according to Horav C. Kanievsky shlit”a this point isn’t clear if this is what has to be done, (see Daas Noteh 146).

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