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In light of the first mishna brura bshem the chayei odom in hilchos rainbow bracha is it not considered motzi diba if you say, “there is a bracha opportunity in the sky outside” or is hinting the same issue?


It is permitted to hint to someone else that they should make the bracha. In fact there are numerous poskim who say that it is even permitted to tell someone outright that there is a rainbow in order that the person should say the bracha.

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Shevet Hakehosi 6-136-(3), Also see Bris Kehuna O:CH Mareches Kuf -3, and see Yalkut Yosef 229-1, Ohr Yitzchok 2-89 (3-4) brings Sefer Chasidim 807 which would seem that it is permitted to tell someone, (or at least in order to say the bracha), Ma’adanei Daniel 3-229-(3) who say like Bris Kehuna.

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