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Thank you for your help.
My question is regarding customs declarations. I recently ordered clothing from China and the merchandise is fine. The order totaled around $450 US dollars, and I noticed that the receipt from one of the shipments (they were shipped in I think two packages) said that the declared value of the merchandise would be $200 or else the package would be turned back due to customs. I did not ask them to write this, nor did I know they were doing it. If the customs duties were my responsibility, is it theft if the merchandise is kept? While they did ship in multiple packages, the order total was over $200…


You do not have to worry about it. Although we are not alloed to fool a gentile, or the American government, however you were not the one who fooled them, or caused that they should not get the taxes, therefore at best it would be like returning a lost item to them, which is something that we are not obligated to do.

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