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Ladies mikvah


I am away on vacation with my husband and im supposed to go to a mikva tonight. There is a mikva in the city that a goy can open for me but no mikva lady. (I dont know any Jews in this city)Is it better for me
1. To go alone
2. Have my husband watch me dunk 3x
3.wait till i get back thursday night?


If indeed you are left with no choice, because it sounds like in your situation there are absolutely no one else to oversee your tevilah, then you should still go, and your husband will look to make sure that all of your hair is in the mikva. He should satay out of the room until you are in the water, and while you tovel he should check to see that all of your hair is submerged.


Noda B’yehuda brought in Pischei Teshuva Y:D 195-2.

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