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Alarm system on shabbos


We recently installed an alarm system in our house. There is a sensor on every door and window. There is a way to disarm the alarm system for shabbos so that we can open and close the doors without setting off the alarm or any alerts. The problem is that each sensor has a small light that flashes one time when a door or window is opened or closed, even when disarmed. Nothing else happens- no noise, no alerts. There is no way to turn off that little flash in the settings. Please advise.
Thank you!


 Although it would be better if it wouldn’t flash, the poskim say that you don’t have to worry about the flashing, since you have no interest in making it flash, and there is no gain or ramification to what is being done.

Have a restful shabbos.

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  1. I don’t know which Alarm system you have, but there might be a way to ‘deflect’ or ‘shunt’ certain areas or doors, called the Shunt mode.

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