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Lo Yilbosh and Man Wearing Woman’s Apron



Can a man who is working in the kitchen (cleaning or cooking) for his family wear an apron that is clearly made for a woman (polka dotted, etc)? Would it be required to only wear one that is made for a man or at least non-gender?

Thank you


It is very controversial. According to some poskim, since it is a woman’s garment even though it is not being worn to look womanly, rather for a different practical purpose, it is still considered Lo Tilbash d’orayso and should not be worn. Other say that since it is clear that it is in order not to get dirty, that it is permitted. However, others say that even those who permit it, would only say so if left with no other option, and it is very needed.


Bach Y:D 182, Taz ibid 4, Shach ibid 7, seem to be lenient, however Yam Shel Shlomo (Yivamos 12-17), Yad Haketana Avoda Zara 6 -82, Binas Adam 74-94, are stringent. Additionally, Divrei Chaim 2-Y:D 62, Maharam Shick Y:D 173, Maharsham 2-243, Chelkas Yackov, are strick even in a severe instance. Also see Minchas Yitzchok 2-108 (4) and Om Ani Choma 2 – 70, that even those who permit it would only do so when left with no other option.

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