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Borer in putting away toys


When putting away a mixture of children’s toys on shabbos into a container, one sometimes has a pile of many different toys of all types and sizes. One often cannot grab the entire pile at once, and so must grab a couple of toys at a time to place into the container. Is there any issue of borer in this situation, since one is separating some toys from the rest of the mixture for non immediate use?


If you are taking good and bad i.e. different types of toys, at the same time, it is permitted and not considered borer. It is not considered selecting one type from the mixture, rather splitting the mixture in half, (good and bad on both sides) which is permitted.

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Rema O:CH 319-3, Igros Moshe O:CH 4-74 Borer -1, Sharei Shabbos (Borer) 1-2.

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