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2 Brachot on the same bread



Shalom dear Rabbi:

Question: I made bracha hamotzi on a whole bread, then there was a piece of that bread left, the next day when I go to eat that leftover bread, should I make hamotzi again?


Yes you would make hamotzei again. The bracha is made not on the loaf of bread, but on the enjoyment of what you are actually eating, and since you are now eating a new meal you would say a new bracha.

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    1. In O:CH 178-1 the Shulchan Aruch says that if a person was eating a meal and he left the table to go to another house, that before he leaves he should make a bracha achrona and when he comes back he should make a new bracha. This is even during the same day, and even with the same eice of bread. The bracha doesn’t go on the loaf, as if this loaf of bread is not exempt from a bracha, rather it is based on the meal. Before we eat food and enjoy it we thank H-shem for it.

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