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Photos with names of G’d



Shalom my dear Rabbi,

Question: If a person put a photo in cel phone that contains a divine name, it can delete? or he has to put in the cell phone guenizah?


You are asking an important question that is very applicable nowadays.  Please permit me to however to add to your question. How are we allowed to close the screen that has H-shem’s on it, isn’t that erasing also? The answer to both questions is the same, the poskim say that you are allowed close the screen, and you don’t have to put your phone into genieza. The reason is because the letters and images on a computer is not technically considered writing, because the letters or pictures are not really there. There is no actual letter written on the screen, rather a sequence of lights that light up to give it such an appearance. Aside from this, the letters or pictures don’t have any “kium” (permanence), since they are only there as long as the electric is running through the screen. Another reason is that the writing is not meant to last, and is meant to be erased.

Therefore breathe easy, you’re alright.

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