On Sukkos I was in a shul and I asked the rav for wine so that I could make Kiddush in the sukkah. The rav gave me some wine. When I was sitting in the sukkah, someone came in and angrily told me that I stole his wine! (The wine that I was given was his.) I told him that the rav gave it to me. Did I say rechilus, and if yes what should I have said instead and what should I do now?


It isn’t rechilus because he didn’t do anything against him, it was a mistake.

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2 Responses to “rechilus against rav”

  1. He will be angry at the rav for stealing his wine! So why is it not rechilus?

    • The Rov didn’t do anything against the other person, he made an honest mistake, and if it is indeed true, they should work it out if the person isn’t mochel it.

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