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Mikva night



My wife’s mikva night is coming up, but I have jock itch, which I’m currently treating. She’s concerned about catching it from me, as she’s gotten yeast infections in the past, which were very painful for her.

Is it permitted to push off the mikva, or perhaps you have another solution that we can try?

Thank you!


She should not push off the mikvah night. Even if you two of you decide not to have actual relations, it would still permit everything else. Regarding the jock itch there are numerous things that you can buy in the drug store to help yourself, keep the area dry, wear a looser type of underwear and change every day, also using alcohol or even Listerine, etc. that has anti bacteria and is an anti-fungal, but let it dry on its own, all of these can contribute to helping the issue. 

Best wishes and a refuah shleima

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