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Pikuah Nefesh



Shalom dear Rabi,


  1. If a person finds himself in danger of life, does he have to eat a food that is not kosher?
  2. Does he have to make Bracha about that food or does he not need it?


  1. A person that is in a life threatening situation and the only thing that he can eat is not kosher, and without eating it his life will be in danger, he is commanded to eat that food. When a person’s life is in danger, he may do anything that is needed to save himself except for the three cardinal sins, idolatry, adultery, and murder.
  2. If a person has to eat non-kosher food in order to save his life, such as a sick person that needs to take a medication that is made of non-kosher ingredients, he is not doing any Aveiro, rather a mitzva, and he would make a bracha on it.

Best wishes


Shulchan Aruch Y:D 157, O:CH 204-9, M:B 204- 46,47.

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