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Talit buried



Shalom dear Rabbi,

Question: A fearful Jew can be buried with his talit, tefillin and tzitzit?


Many of the minhagim that are done to the niftar and during the burial are based on what the mekubalim and poskim, who understand these things said to do, and what is in the best interest of the niftar. The minhag is to bury a niftar with the special shrouds, and a man in his tallis, in some places with kosher tzitzis and in some places without. It is not the minhag to bury a niftar in tefillin.

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Y:D 351-2, Aruch Hashulchan 351-3, Chochmas Adom 157-1.

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  1. The Burial at sea is indeed a natural burial which allows for a natural decomposition of the body. Therefore such a practice of a sea burial should be recognized as the same as a in ground burial by the Orthodox Rabbis.

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