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Do we owe them money?


We owned an apartment that was rented out We had terrible complaints from the downstairs neighbors about continual leaks until we finally replaced all the plumbing
a year later we sold the apartment
the buyers renovated completely Now they have 2 complaints
A. Since our tenants didn’t paint the walls before vacating the apartment (partly because the buyers discouraged them, saying anyhow they’re renovating, what’s the use), the buyers are demanding the cost of a professional painting job. (The tenants had planned on doing it themselves, the only expense would have been the paint)
B. They say the plumbing wasn’t replaced as we claim, that the renovations showed otherwise
although we produced receipts etc
They want a large sum for damages, for having been misled do we owe them money?


It is not possible to answer your question without knowing both sides of the story, for example, what proof the other side has that the renovations weren’t done or at least not done correctly. But in any case this is something that would need the both of you to come in front of a Rov or Bais Din.  You can call the Bais Din at 02- 502-3637.

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