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Is it permissible to drive for Grub Hub.


Grub Hub is a company similar to Uber and Lyft but instead of transporting people drivers are given jobs picking up and delivering food from restaurants. I am pretty hard-pressed for extra parnassa that I can get at odd times that fit into my schedule. Is there a halachic issue picking up and delivering non-kosher food? I have no idea who the clientele are that use Grub Hub but I would imagine it is possible that I would be faced with the possibility of delivering to non-religious Yidin at times. I would be very upset if I came into that situation. (As far as driving for Uber or Lyft, it is not currently a possibility because my car is too old.)


Please see the following link, where a similar question was discussed.

You should have a lot of success in making a kosher living.


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