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Cover for Tefillin



I bought a tefilin and it came without the plastic protective caps, it disqualifies somehow my tefilin


Congratulations on your new tefillin.

The tefillin are kosher and they may be used. The teffilin on the hand (shel yad) usually comes with a protective cover, but it is exactly that- only for protective purposes, and the tefillin are fine. Practically though see to it that you get the cover, because the corners of the shel yad can gets dented or rubbed out easily, which could ruin the tefillin.

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  1. My understanding of the phrase, “it came without the plastic protective CAPS”, in the plural, is that the Tefilin did not come with “sheidlach” (outer Tefilin covers).

    These covers are quite important, as they protect the Tefilin, both of the hand Tefilin (“shel yad”), and of the head Tefili (“shel rosh”), when they’re being wrapped up, and when being stored.

    This would present a Choshen Mishpat question. Were these “sheidlach” included in the sale, or does the customer have to pay extra money for them?

    1. Very true. My understanding of “cap” was of the inner one, not the covers of the tefillin. Regarding the Choshen Mishpat part it would be correct even for the inside cover, as this is usually include in the sale of tefillin.

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