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Straight Menorah


Is there a problem of having a waivy or circular menorah? The Ram”a seams to mention a bowl with wicks which are circular. but today we have menorahs that each spot is clearly separate from the next so is that a problem?
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What you are asking is the opinion of the Terumas Hadeshen (105), and that it is permitted to light with a round candelabra because the candles are separated from each other on separate sticks, and that they are removed from each other. In fact the Rema (671-4) says this specifically. However the achronim say (see Taz 671-2 and Magen Avrohom ibid 4, and Biur Halacha ibid), that nevertheless it is still not mehudar to do so. Due to this it isn’t the minhag to light with such a candelabra, (see Yimei Hallel Vhod’a pg. 128).

 Regarding a wavy menorah, the candles should all be at the same height so that it will be noticeable that all the candles are from the same menorah. 

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