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I was hired to be a fundraiser for a kollel. I get a nice commission. Am I allowed to get a bachur with a loud voice and charisma to give a clop during lunch and to go around collecting for me, or am I obligated to personally do the collecting? (He is happy to have the zechus.) Am I obligated to inform the bachur that I am getting a commission or to share it with him? Note that most of the people there gave singles, so I am not exactly getting rich from this. Since I am not physically doing the work (he is the one giving the clop and making the announcement), am I doing something unethical? Or does it not matter? In terms of getting more serious money, I will have to go around to shuls that have rich baal habatim. If the rav gives a clop and makes an announcement on my behalf, do I need to share my commission with him?


You can get someone else to do the announcing for you, even though he is doing some of the work to raise the money. The kollel is paying you to raise the money, and they don’t care how you raise it, whether it is by you making the announcement or getting someone else. You do not have to tell them that you are making money for collecting, that is your private business, and you have no obligation to tell them this. You also do not have to give them money for their services, because they are doing it for the mitzvah of it, and they will get rewarded for it by H-shem.

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