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Going on a bus with using somebody else’s card(Rav Kav)


The way the bus system works in israel is that one can swipe the card and catch as many bus rides as he wants within one and a half hours of the first use.
I caught a bus using a Rav Kav( the card) and when I got home my wife needed to go somewhere so I gave her my Rav Kav to use with in the time span, which means that she got the ride for free. (It happens to be she didn’t have her rav kav on her at all and she had an important appointment to get to.). Is the concept of getting 1:30 min to swipe the card a law on the “card” or a law on the one that “swiped the card” in which case I should not have been able to give it to my wife? Furthermore we have used each other s cards alot of the times in the past because of various reasons, but i am assuming that that is not an issue because the bus company still gets the same amount of money?


The right to use the bus for 1 1/2 hours is in order for a person going from one place to another to be able to get to where they are going without having to pay another fare. It is not transferable, the same way a day pass is not transferrable, it is a privilege of the one who paid for the ride and not that the card can be used, by anyone who wants it until the 90 minutes is up. This is the same with a monthly pass- a family may not buy a monthly pass and use it for the whole family, (one at a time). The fact that she didn’t have her own Rav Kav, or that she had to go to an important appointment, or that she sometimes uses your card is not the issue here. Just the fact of who is the one who bought the rights to use the card for these 90 minutes. Therefore the extra bus fare should be paid.

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  1. This is the same with a monthly pass- a family may not buy a monthly pass and use it for the whole family, (one at a time).

    So for a family to buy a monthly metrocard (with unlimited rides) and share it with each other as needed (one day the father uses it, one day the son, one day a friend, a day the wife) is assur? Where does it say this?

    1. Is the rule that the metrocard is non-transferable. If that is the rule then that is where it says it.

  2. But it was purchased for the whole family? Why can’t we view the family unit as one person?
    According to this psak, who is allowed to use it? Only the father? And if the father gets laid off from his job and doesn’t need the unlimited metrocard anymore, he is not allowed to give it to his wife? He should just throw it in the garbage?

    1. Again, is a metro card sold to a person or to a family? If it sold to a person it cannot be used for the whole family. The fact that the father lost his job is very sad, but it irrelevant.

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