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From when do the Chosson and Kallah have to stop seeing each other before the wedding (if it is a week is it including the day of the wedding).


The reason for the custom that the chosson and kallah stop seeing each other before the wedding is because of what is called dam chimud, (the kallah’s excitement at being told that they are getting married may cause her to bleed). Therefore, many communities have the custom that the two don’t see each other, because just in case the last time they see each other will cause her to bleed, see should be able to count seven days and go to the mikvah. There are different customs as to how long this is, according to some it is only a week, according to others it is a little more than a week in order time for 7 niki’im, and tevila before the wedding. Others say even two weeks however this is not the custom in the States.



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