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Can I live out my passion for writing and music?


I’m a frum teenager. I love being Jewish and am even more religious than my parents, but I have a problem. I’m very passionate about music and writing. My stories aren’t related to Judaism and neither are my songs. I didn’t listen to goyish music for about four years but found it hard to stay away because I love it. I make sure not to listen to anything bad. Being a girl, I know I can’t sing/perform in front of crowds. My question is, is there any way for me to live out my writing and musical dreams without going against the Torah?


You definitely can use your passion and talents. H-shem has a specific job for everyone in this world in this world, and one of the ways that we can know part of our job in this world is by knowing our talents. The talents we are given should be used to help other people improve themselves and get closer to H-shem. If you are a good writer or a composer then there is plenty of room for you to use your talents productively, by writing Jewish novels and producing Jewish songs. If you need contacts of people that might be able to help you with this let me know.

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