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Does a shul that has been converted in a museum still has some sanctity?


A shul that has not in use for some years do to Jewish population changes in my town was converted in a Jewish museum and library. In the library-which is inside in what was the actual shul- I noticed many books that lack tznius and even kofrus. My question is : Once a shul is converted into a museum the former sanctity is gone? Leavdil- like an avodah zara that the only ones to mevatel are the ones who worshipped?


This is very unfortunate and sad, however if the was sold to the town by the governing commitee, then the money should really be used to build another shul and the original shul’s kedusha is gone. Nevertheless, the shul may not be sold to be used for lowly things such as a bathhouse or mikvah, or for a tannery, which will smell. Additionally, it should not be sold to be used for avoda zara, i.e. church. A library would not be included in this, even though it is sad that a place that was once a shul should now contain such books.

May H-shem rebuild the Bais Hamikdash soon and


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