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Guest on Chanukah


If an Ashkenaz guest on Chanukah has parents who are lighting for him in his house, can he light at the host’s house? If he were at his own house, he certainly could, so if he is at someone else’s would that change?
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You can be yotza lighting with your parents, however if you want to do the mitzva yourself and light your own candles at your host’s home, you may, but have in mind that you don’t want to be yotza with your parent’s lighting. However, there is some controversy about this, therefore the Mishna Berura says that it is preferred that either you make sure that you light and make the bracha in the place that you are staying before your parents do for you at home. Alternatively, if you’re lighting after your parents do at home, it is preferable to listen to the bracha of the host and then light.

Chanukah Sameach


Rema 676-3, Magen Avrohom-9, Taz -1, M:B 15, 16.

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