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Putting margarine in the cholent.


I’ve seen cholent recipes that include margarine. Are there any Maaris Ayin issues in doing this?
Thank you for your time, (if possible could you include sources.)


There is no problem of maris ayin with putting margarine into a fleishig cholent. This is for two reasons, because it is well known to everyone that margarine looks like butter, but it is pareve, therefore people seeing the margarine will not automatically think that the person is doing something wrong. Secondly, when it is put in, you can see from the wrapper that it is only margarine, and after that it is absorbed into the cholent, so no one sees it, and it isn’t maris ayin.

Have a happy Chanukah


Pleisi 87-8, Mishne Halachos 5-94, Igros Moshe O:CH 1-96.

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