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Changing diaper after netilas yadayim


If I washed netilas yadayim with a beracha with plans to daven shacharis soon, and then I realize that my baby’s diaper is dirty. Since I already washed netilas yadayim, is there any reason why I should delay changing the diaper until after I finish davening? The same question would apply to doing other activities that would necessitate washing of the hands.


It is hard for me to understand your question. There are two different customs when to say the bracha, (O:CH 6-2) either together with the rest of the brachos in shul even though it isn’t right after washing your hands, or right after using the bathroom but together with the rest of the brachos. Even if you are saying the brachos when still at home, but you are saying it together with the rest of the brachos, which includes birkas hatorah, which in a way like davening and you don’t have a problem. Therefore, you should go and diaper your baby.

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