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Tearing kriya at the Kotel


I live in Yerushalayim. Is there a shitah that holds if one lives here, then kriya is not necessary, even if I haven’t visited the Kotel in 30 days? In a previous answer, I saw that if one does kriyah one can use a pin? Can the rov please explain how this is done?
Todah for this service


The minhag in Yerushalayim is that a person who lives there, even if he wasn’t at the kosel for 30 days, does not rip. Regarding pinning p the rip, we are not allowed to resew the rip in an efficient way, however practically the person can use a safety pin and pin the two sides together, especially for women so that she will be properly covered.

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Yaskil Avdi 8 O:CH 25-4 (8), Halichos Shlomo 23-ftnt 116. Shulchan Aruch 561-4

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