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chillul shabbos r”l


If a person knows that his frei parents will extinguish the Chanukah candles on Friday night before going to bed, should one still light in his house, or is one being machshil them and better not to light?


In general it would not be a problem since to you didn’t tell then to put it out, and they are doing on their own decision, and it isn’t halachically considered lifnei iver. However, on a practical level you should not light such long candles.This is being that the mitzva is for a half hour, even though technically there is still pirsuemei nisa later, nevertheless you should not light such long candles, being that tit might cause the parents to put them out on Shabbos.

Best wishes and a freilichin Chanukah.


ShulchanAruch 672-2, Kovetz Halachos (Chanukah) 3-2.

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