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New Years international change how to be comprehended?


The Jewish people are known to only celebrate the Jewish new year. In addition, we also have an international new year for all states – 2020. Regardless, if the Jews keep the international New Years or not the year will still change. How can Jewish people not keep the year change celebration, if it will anyways change to 2020 worldwide? The idea is like we shouldn’t keep this new year today in 2019 but you anyways wake up to 2020 – As in the international view point it’s nearly impossible to avoid not keeping. Thank you.


There is a difference between having a new year and celebrating New Years day.  Everyone technically has new years day because it is the first day of the new secular year, however we don’t celebrate it. New Years is a Christian holiday, the because according to the Christians, Jc was born on December 25th therefore his bris was on January first, and this is why they start the New Year on this day, the same way that they count the years from him. Being that it is a Christian holiday, Jews don’t celebrate it. It is a New Year for the goyim, but for us it is another year in golus, and we have nothing about it to celebrate.

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