Sometimes in the winter the last day of KIDDUSH LEVANNAH can come out on FRIDAY NIGHT. If Friday is the last day, can it be said or should it be said?


The poskim say that if one is left with no choice and it is almost the end of the time to say kiddush levana, that it may be said on Shabbos. However some poskim suggest that only the bracha be said.

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Smak (Zurich) 1-328, Yosef Ometz 468, Noheg Ktzon Yosef pg. 144,Bach O:CH 426, Bach Teshuvos 80, Magen Avrohom 426-7, Taz -1, M:B 426-12. See Aruch Hashulchan 426-10 that even if it is the second to last night, in the winter time it can be said. He also says that when saying Kiddush Levana on Shabbos onoly the bracha should be said.

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