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Bracha on tikun after davening


Before davening Shacharis in shul, I made a shehakol on a cup of water. After Shacharis, they brought out tikkun (vodka) because it was the yartzeit of the rav’s father. Do I need to make a new shehakol? Does it make a difference if the food brought out was expected or unexpected? In my case, it was unexpected, but they sometimes provide tikkun. Do I have the status of a guest?


You should make a bracha on the food that was given after davening. This is because when a person takes a drink before davening he does not have in mind that it is one long meal with the food that he may eat after davening, therefore your davening was a hefsek in your eating. Secondly you didn’t even know that there would be any food. Although you were in the Rov’s shul, you are not considered a guest in the sense that you are relying on the food that you would be served. You are there for davening and not for a meal, besides what was eaten before davening is not connected to afterwards.

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  1. Would it be different if they always serve something after davening?

    1. Still not. Drinking something before davening is not connected to what is eaten after davening.

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