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I have ocd and sometimes after going to the bathroom some urine drips down my leg, and sometimes it may just be ocd, I may have had urine on on pants from inside my pants perhaps from earlier and also before I made havdalha I went to the bathroom and it may have dripped down or it may have been ocd, and I made havdalha if there was any urine on pants weather it was covered or not do I have to make havdalha again. (If there was anything there I didn’t smell it when making havdalha!


You do not have to worry about it. If the urine is on your undergarment, or even if it is touching your foot it is covered by your pants and it is permitted to daven that way. Secondly you are only “ocding” about it, and it is definitely not more than a maybe… which even if it is, we don’t have to be worried about.

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SA Orach Chaim 78-1.

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