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Gemara/ Daf Yomi for women?


Is is permissible for a woman to learn Gemara? And more specifically subscribe to the 8-Minute Daf Yomi videos?



Thank you for your question.

It is nice to see that you want to increase your torah knowledge and grow in torah and yiras shomayim. In general women do not have the obligation to learn torah as a mitzva for itself, and regarding learning gemora, which often delves into the technical parts of torah, women are specifically discouraged from learning it.

This does not in any way mean that they women shouldn’t learn. Women are obligated to learn the parts of torah that are pertinent for them to know such as many, many topics in halacha. To list a few- Hilchos Shabbos, tefilla, brachos, basar b’chalav, yichud, tznius, lashon hora, hilchos bein adom l’chaveiro, yom tov, pesach, succos, halachos of conduct in the morning, birkas hamazon. Being honest in business, not stealing paying workers on time, not hurting people with words, not taking forbidden interest (ribbis), hilchos tzedakah, kibud av v’em, bikur cholim, haschnosas orchim, and the mitzva of lending money to others, to name just a few. (Take a look around this site and you will get a glimpse of how vast the various topics of halacha can be!)

Additionally, women need to learn topics in torah that will help them grow in yiras shomayin (fear of heaven) such as the numerous mussar seforim. The seforim stores are full of wonderful English books on so many topics, that it will keep you busy for many years to come. Therefore, although they shouldn’t learn gemora, there is still plenty of torah that they can learn.

May H-shem help you increase your torah knowledge, grow and attain closeness to Him.

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