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leaving someone in yichud


I work in an office where the boss is a frei man (a psychologist). There was a lady that came to see him. I don’t know if she is Jewish. They keep the front door closed (because of the cold). May I stay there and rely on the Yam Shel Shlomo that one parutz and one kosher man is muttar? I sit by the window which is visible to the outside, but sometimes I need to go to a different area which is not visible from the window.

When I need to leave, may i do so and leave them in yichud? Am I obligated to leave the front door open (they won’t know that it’s open)?

He took this lady into a private room where even if someone would come into the building they wouldn’t barge into this room. Does that make a difference?


This is a problematic situation, but you can leave, if you leave the front door open.

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