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1.When finishing a mesechta is it okay to leave the siyum for another occasion like yutzeit, simcha? Or the siyum should be made right away?

  1. Does a seuda have to be served?


Mazal Tov! You should be zoche to finish many more seforim and all of shas many times, and know it! Regarding your questions.

  1. Essentially the siyum should be made right away when finishing the mesechta etc., because it is then that the person is happy over the accomplishment. You can however leave over a little bit in order to finish it at the time when it is opportune to make the siyum, such as when there will be more people available.
  2. A siyum is a real seudas mitzva, and it is better to serve a real meal, however it is not an obligation.

Mazal Tov again, together with the rest of Klal Yisroel.


  1. Shach Y:D 246-27, As a side point, regarding a siyum on a Yahrziet, according to the Shach, if the child has the minhag to fast in the yahrtziet, he should eat from the siyum. However Aruch Hashulchan Y:D 246-45 and Pnei Baruch 39-34 say that the minhag is to partake in the seuda.
  2. Rema Y:D 246-26 that it is a mitzva to make a seuda when making a siyum, and it is considered a seudas mitzva. He does not however say that it has to be a bread meal, however see Pesokim u’Teshovus 246-67 who brings sources that it is a mitzva for it to be a bread meal. The minhag however (when it is only for one mesechta) seems not to be this way, because many times gedolim make siyumim, and it is only cake and soda etc. However, if a person is making a siyum on shas, it would only show kavod hatorah that a prominent seuda should be given to show the value of the accomplishment.


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