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Building mikvehs for men


Dear Rabbi,

Why does the jewish community have a selective yet natural health to welcome of course a mikveh but yet not often in smaller cities.

I had read the first thing a community must have is a mikveh. It seems they go up anywhere with none. I am in a city with one that is private and I am not invited. But I go 40 minutes to easily the best kollel and daven and use a mikveh. It is so warm and so friendly that we never fixed the entourage to see that the fancy arrive. We are so happy.

If we can ever get a movement to build mikvehs, is there a fund that one can donate to? I would really like to see my own town with one for many our people and I can attest I move faster, feel better and eat better now that we have been myself using one regular. It is the best thing about Hashems universe..



The gemorah that you are quoting is referring to a mikva for women, who do not become tahor until they go to the mikva. Therefore every city or town needs a mikva. A mikva for men is for kedusha etc., but it isn’t on the same level of urgency, therefore there are many places that don’t have one. If you have a place to go to a men’s mikva that is great.

Best wishes


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