If accidentally chicken was baked in a clean dairy glassware that had not been used for more than 24 hours. Do I have to throw out the chicken and the glass container? Or can the chicken be eaten? Can the glass container be Kashered and used again?


The chicken can be eaten because the glass container was not a ben yomo, and it does not impart taste to the chicken. Using the however is controversial. There are poskim who say that glass does not absorb, however other say the opposite, that not only does it absorb, but that once it absorbs it cannot be kashered.  There are numerous poskim to rely on that you can kasher it.


The sources who are stringent with this, Nachal Eshkol 3 pg. 141 ftnt. 1, Emes L’yackov O:CH ftnt 443, R’ Vosner zt”l, Chut Shani (Pesach) 1 23. Those who are lenient, Eliyahu Rabba Y:D 87-2, Gilyon R’ Akiva Eiger O:CH 151 MG:A 49, Chamudei Daniel Basar Bchalav 45, Maharsham 3-94, Yad Yehuda (katzar) 69-117, Igros Moshe O:CH 5-32 (1), Minchas Shlomo 2 50, Mishne Halachos 9-168. Permitted only with hagala, Chelkas Yackov Y:D 45, Minchas Yitzchok 1-86(4), Ma’adanei Osher (Issur Vheter) 160-4, Orchos Habayis 10-3, The Kosher Kitchen pg. 340.

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