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Kiddush donation for a yahrzeit


The yahrzeit Of my mother a”h is Tévet 26th.

What is the better minhag : to donate the breakfast at the synagogue on the yahrzeit day so brachot could be said le nishmasa

Or to donate a kidush le ilui nishmasa on the Shabbat preceding the yahrzeit


The idea is that brachos should be said, so whichever one has the most brachos being said, i.e more people, more brachos, that would be more of an illuy neshama, if both are equal then give the kiddush because a mitzva on shabbos is worth more than during the week. As a side point the biggest illuy neshama would be to either learn mishnayos or to donate money so that others can learn mishnayos or some other form of torah learning l’illuy nishmasa.

May the neshma of your mother have an illuy nishama

Best wishes

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