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I warmed up macaroni and cheese in my fleishig microwave by mistake.


The macaroni and cheese I made was pretty dry and was not liquidy. I heated it in a plastic reusable bowl. The microwave was not clean and had dried food on the glass plate and some splattered on the floor. I’m not sure if the splattered food was actual meat. I am pretty certain the microwave hadn’t been used in 24 hours.

1. Was I allowed to eat the macaroni and cheese?
2. Do I need to kasher the microwave?
3. If yes, is the glass plate able to be kashered or do I need to get another one to replace it?
4. Do I need to throw out the plastic bowl?



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Thank you for your question. Using a microwave that is meaty for milky things when the milky food is not covered is problematic because the microwave makes the milky food cook and give off steam which mixes together with the meat in the oven and in the walls.

  1. The macaroni and cheese should not have been eaten because it is cheese that has absorbed taste from the meat splattered in the oven and walls.
  2. Yes you do have to kasher out the oven. The walls should be wiped out well so that no residue is left on the walls, ceiling, floor of the oven. Then take a cup of water and heat it up for a few minutes until the oven will will with it’s steam. Then move the cup to another part of the plate and repeat the process, in order to kasher the part of the plate that was under the cup.
  3. It is controversial if the glass plate can be kashered or not. there are a number of poskim that permit it to be kashered. ( see the following link  )
  4.  Kashering the plastic bowl is controversial, some poskim permit it, but others say that since it is a new material that isn’t mentioned by chazal that it can’t be kashered.

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