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Locking a car door ? Yichud?


Shalom HaRav

If a couple are dating is it considered Yichud in the following scenarios

1) while driving on the road , locking the doors of the car for safety

2) if alone in a house where the entrance to the house is locked for safety reasons but the particular room is open , there still is the potential of people
Coming to the house but the gate will have to be opened from the inside


The fact that the doors are locked or unlocked will not matter for a car, rather if people can see into the car or not. Therefore if the car is on a deserted road, that there aren’t other cars every 7-10 minutes, or if it has tinted windows, then it is yichud. Regarding the house, if people can not get into the house on their own,  but have to wait for you to open the gate etc. that would also be yichud, because then you have a feeling of being secluded.

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