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What should be done with a kosher utensil that falls in a non-kosher sink?


I hope all is well by you. Due to where I live, at times I have to wash kosher utensils of mine in a sink that is also used for non-kosher utensils. When I do so, I hold each item under the hot stream and wash them individually so as not to set them down in the non-kosher sink. However, recently a plastic and a metal utensil slipped and fell into the sink. I immediately retrieved them, but am now questioning; are these items no longer kosher? If not, is there a specific process to re-kasher them considering how they became contaminated, or would it be the same as it would be for any non-kosher utensils? The water was hot but not extremely so, and the sink was empty of any non-kosher food or utensils but there likely still were crumbs and pieces of non-kosher food.
Thank you for your help.


You do not have to kasher the utensil. This is for a number of factors. We can assume that the water was not that hot that after it was in the sink that it was still yad soledes bo. Additionally, if you used dishwashing soap, the non-kosher food got a bad taste, and wouldn’t prohibit the dish. Additionally, even if there were some crumbs or non-kosher foods it would need that the hot water coming out of the tab touched the dish and the crumbs at the same time, which is not likely. Therefore you don’t have to worry about it.

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