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Nightime Krias Shema Questions


1) I heard that it is better to say The actual pasuk of shema and veohavta right before bed. Therefore, I have been saying the Nightime Krias Shema (Ribono Shel Olam until Adon Olam) minus shema and hamapil in the nighttime hours and then shema and hamapil in bed right before sleep. Is this the correct practice?
2) Is there a preferable time to say Nightime Krias Shema (Ribono Shel Olam until Adon Olam)? it okay to say before taking a shower, for example? Or for a mother to say within the last hour or two of the night (if I’m not sure when I’m going to bed exactly)? I want to have time to say the complete Nightime Krias Shema without it getting too late where I really need to be sleeping
Thank you very much!


The preferred time to say Kriyas Shema al hamita is before going to bed, with Shema and Hamail being said right before going to sleep. However, if you want you may say it (except Shema and Hamapil) earlier in the night.

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