I thought my cooking cream was pareve and mixed it into a disposable bowl of chicken soup. I ate a few bowls of it before noticing that the creamer was dairy.
What should I do?


Right now there isn’t much that you have to do regarding the the disposable bowl, etc. which i am sure you threw out. However you should do teshuva for the mistake that was done, which would include three parts,

  1. Charata- remorse over what was done, which I would assume was already done by the mere fact that you asked this question.
  2. Vidui- confession, to say out of your mouth, ” H-shem, I am sorry about mistakenly eating the chicken soup with dairy in it, and I will be careful that this shouldn’t happen again.
  3. Kabalah al ha’asid- take positive action to make sure that you are more careful that this doesn’t happen again. You can choose any way that you like, or even to take a sefer and learn more about these halachos, which will raise you general awareness regarding this topic.

Best wishes

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