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Pricing – Onuah – Geneivas dass


I am a product photographer

I have a client Who is giving me items to shoot in several positions

Some of the items look the same as others on specific positions, in order to save time and cost, I copy the same image and just rename it with the other item code

I charge the client a price per photo

Am I allowed to charge to the client for each image that I delivered since I had to go thru the trouble of renaming and making sure there is an image for each position, or do I have to tell him that I used the same picture and charge him nothing or less?

Keeping track of the few images that took faster will also be some hassle for me…. it is much simple and faster to see the amount of images i delivered and charge according to that.

Thank you in advance


I would think it is geneivas da’as if people think they are paying for another actual picture. It could also be that you overcharge too if the price should be less.

Best wishes


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