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Do I have to Ma’aser if I have loans outstanding


I borrowed money from my parents some time ago. Recently I received wages, and I sent them right away to my parents to help pay down the loan they gave me. Do I need to ma’aser my wages prior to sending my parents the money, or do I send the full amount of my wages to my parents to pay down the loan and not ma’aser that income?

Thank you


The poskim say that a person that has loans that he has to pay off does not have to separate maaser, but should use his money to pay off his debts. He should however give some tzedakah


Tzadakah Umishpat 1-8 in the name of Sefer Chassidim 464,  B’orach Tzedakah 3 ftnt. 12 in the name of Shevet Halevi,

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