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Pidyon Haben


How do you do a Pidyon HaBen for a Bechorim, an adult BT..?

Thank you very much !


Essentially the father of the child does the redeeming, however there are a number of situation such as when a person is a baal teshuva etc. that his father didn’t do the pidyon, so he does it himself. ( BY the way this would be a very rare mitzva that you would be performing- to redeem yourself. It is said that the Vilna Gaon was afraid that the kohen that redeemed him might not be a real kohen so he redeemed himself a number of time! As far as the technical differences I assume that they won’t bring you in on a silver platter ( which would be rather expensive and heavy), but you would take the five silver coins which would be bought from your money and give them to the kohen. There are differences though in the text that is said, because when a father is doing the pidyon the kohen tells the father do you want to be podeh your son? and the father answers… but in this situation the person says I want to redeem myself. Please see the Sefer Otzar Pidyon Haben vol. 2 chapter 20-1 for the text of what is said.

Best wishes and mazal tov!


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