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Received discount for bill after it was paid by father


Hi I am currently learning and supported by my parents. I had to pay arnona (property tax in Israel) so my parents said they would just add it onto the monthly “salary” (this is how they describe the money they give me which includes money for rent, food, etc.) Right before I paid the bill, which was due at the end of January, I applied for a discount in the arnona rate, which I wasn’t sure I was going to get but I
had just realized was possible. Now I have been approved for the discount, after the bill was paid in full, and they’re going to send some of the money back to me. I’m wondering if I’m obligated to return the discounted money to my parents, or since it was actually used in full to pay the bill, now it has become mine?


Thank you for your interesting question. Keeping the money that your parents gave you for a certain purpose, would depend if they knew originally that you might get a discount on the arnona or not. What is best is to mention to them that regarding the money that thye gave you for arnona, that you got a discount. If they tell you to return the money (which I doubt will happen) then you should return it, but if not you will know that you can keep it.

Regardless of what happens, you should have much hatzlocha.


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