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Redeeming, avoda h zarah


Hi, I figured I’d ask another question separately but in of a similar sort. Within the avodah zarah. It mentions that one can not benefit from something made using a part of an idol. However it seems one is able to redeem such an item created in this way. How would such a thing he done?


If it is the idol itself then it depends if it was owned by a Jew or a gentile. If it was owned by a Jew and it was part of the actual idol, it cannot be used or redeemed. For example, if a Jew sells his avoda zara the money is prohibited from using. See Yoreh Deah 142-1. If it was owned and nullified by the gentile it may be used. Can you please let me know where you saw this idea that it is possible to redeem an item that was made with a part of an avoda zara, so I can look into it. Additionally if you have a specific halachic question, it would be better for you to write it out as a separate question so I can look into it




See Shulchan Aruch Yoreh Deah 139- 1,2.

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