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nivul peh


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my question is like this, using the word br—t or va—a in public would def be considered vulgar but between spouses I am pretty sure is ok. Now, is slang inherently low or is it just like using the technical term


Using those words is only considered vulgar depending on the circumstances, and who is saying it and why. For example these words are used in Tanach there were times when these words were written and it wasn’t considered vulgar, and the same would apply when doctors are discussing a medical topic. On the other hand regarding a husband and wife relation, where lust could come in, chazal sometimes refrained from using these words, and only hinted it (See shabbos 140b, or the term oso makom). Even between husband and wife it wouldn’t be considered vulgar if it is being used in a clean way. However the use of slang for such words is usually used when people want to refer to these areas in a low, improper way.

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