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Re: Question 54845


Hi I just received an answer to my question 54845 about the arnona bill my parents paid. I thank you for your answer. The parents did not know of any possibility that there would be a discount, as I just realized it just before I paid the bill. I’m more interested in what is the halachic reasoning behind this situation and the answer you gave? Is the refund halachically my money, or is considered some kind of accounting error, similar to where if a Jew gave you extra change at a store or a larger discount than he meant to, you would have to notify them? I’m planning on telling them about it either way, I just was interested in the halacha behind it.


The reason is because they gave you the money i order that it should be used for a specific use- so that you won’t have the expense of paying arnona. If you won’t have that expense anyways, or if it will only be 20% of what you thought it would be, they may want the money back, or didn’t mean to give it to you in that circumstance. We see such an idea regarding a money that someone received in order to be used for a specific use that he not allowed to use it for something else. Therefore over here, since it is questionable what they meant therefore you should verify it with them.

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